Comeo TMS-02

Intelligent Fast Thermometer

Product Features

  • TOF distance sensor

The infrared thermopile temperature measurement mode requires the human body and the sensor to be kept within the range of 3-5cm.

 Adopts high-precision TOF distance sensor and millimeter level distance measurement. When the distance between the wrist and the sensor reaches the set range, the measurement will be triggered immediately.

 Industrial TOF sensor, high precision, long life, strong environmental adaptability.

  • Smart Measurement accuracy

High-precision infrared thermopile sensor is adopted, with the highest precision up to 0.3 °C

With the efficient temperature compensation algorithm of independent intellectual property rights, the accuracy of measurement can be maintained in the environment of 16-35 °C.

The mass data model can accurately convert the wrist temperature and the actual body temperature.

  • Highlight LED Digital tube

Industrial TOF sensor, high precision, long life, strong environmental adaptability.

Japan’s high-power LED chip has long service life and low light decay

PCB copper foil thickening treatment ensures good heat dissipation performance of LED.

  • Intelligent Voice Broadcast

Advanced intelligent speech synthesis technology is adopted to broadcast the test results quickly.

High performance amplifier circuit design, high power box speaker, ensure normal use in noisy environment.

Users can customize the content of voice broadcast,  then increase the advertising.

  • Instant Light Warning

Two color light source design, normal temperature green warning, abnormal temperature red warning.

The light guide plate is used for softening treatment, with uniform light emission, no bright spot and no dazzling.

Three color LED, display color automatic conversion.

  • Stable & Reliable Installation

The bus is equipped with special universal support, which can be fixed in multiple directions.

High strength ABS + PC material, high strength, high temperature resistance, anti vibration, non-cracking.

Aviation connector design ensures reliable use in vehicle and other vibration scene installation.

  • Ultrawide Voltage Input

High power DC conversion chip is used to provide stable and reliable power output.

 The voltage input range is 5-40v, ensuring that any scenario can be used.

 Anti impact, high voltage, anti surge circuit design, safe and reliable.


Product Information

Model  Comeo TMS-02
Temperature Display Range                    32.0 ~ 42.9℃        
Power Supply Voltage DC5V – DC30V
Standby Power Consumption 0.3W
Working Power Consumption 1.2W
Voice Prompt High Temperature and Normal Temperature
Dynamic Compensation      Specially designed for measuring the temperature of human body surface
and dynamic compensation of ambient temperature 
Display Number 4-digital 0.8 inch high brightness nixie tube display numbers
LED Indicator             Normal Temperature: Green
High Temperature: Red
Low Temperature: Yellow
2 Types of Mode Selection of Fahrenheit and Celsius modes
Selection of material temperature and body temperature
Multilingual Voice Boradcasting Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese/Thai/French/
223 voice segments can be broadcast, and the audio sampling rate is up to 32kHz
Loudspeaker 2030 8R 2W box horn
Environment Temperature 16 ~ 35℃                     
Relative Humidity           < /= 85%
Dimension 120mm*150mm*36mm  (lengtg*width*high)
Small size, reasonable structure, no need for manual operation
Weight 450 g 
Expandable Function  NB-IOT data upload (optional)